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Pique Solutions uses validated market data and cutting-edge analytical methodologies to identify market opportunities, segments, and channel partners with the highest revenue potential.

We facilitate rapid penetration into high-growth markets and develop vertical and horizontal strategies that maximize the return on investment of our clients’ marketing programs.

Pique Solutions provides clients with a comprehensive set of solutions for all stages of their product and sales cycles:



Economic Justification Practice

Designing the technology platform and selecting the tools that best support business objectives and mission-critical processes is a sophisticated endeavor that combines the analysis of business, strategic and technical benefits of various technology solutions, and identifies those with the highest Return on Investment (ROI), the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and the highest strategic value. Pique Solutions uses proprietary TCO- or ROI-based frameworks to build customized Business Cases supporting IT-investment decisions. The Business Cases go beyond ROI and TCO by quantifying the total business impact on customers’ bottom line and competitive position.

Given the adoption rates and usage life-cycles of IT, migrations between different platforms and tools are an important pillar of IT and business strategy. To support these complex decisions, Pique Solutions provides our clients with research-based analysis and proprietary tools to make migration decisions that result in lower costs, higher productivity and, ultimately, in a competitive advantage.

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Pique Solutions consultants possess decades of experience of advising marketing executives of the largest global IT corporations, as well as SMBs and start-ups. Our consultants are known for expert knowledge of the clients’ business environment, including the interdependencies within the ecosystem’s partners, competitors, customers, suppliers, and vendors of complementary products and services.