market research

Reliable market intelligence plays an instrumental role in the development and successful execution of the following initiatives:market_research

• Product Strategy and Management
• Competitive Strategy
• Channel & Partner Strategy
• Go-To-Market Strategy

Pique Solutions is a leader in providing fast and reliable market research and analysis. Our proprietary methodology reduces the primary market research time-to-completion by over 50% (compared to industry standards), enabling Product Managers to validate their concepts and gather customer product requirements and feedback at unprecedented speed. Our strategic partnerships with leading market data vendors around the world allow our clients to access a proprietary panel of over 200,000 pre-screened IT professionals and customers in various verticals and product segments in over 40 countries.

We deploy sophisticated screening and qualification techniques that eliminate bogus data and improve confidence at the desired level of statistical significance.

Our Market Intelligence Practice includes the following methodologies:

• Online Surveys via a proprietary panel of pre-screened and qualified IT and business decision makers and customers
• Telephone Surveys of pre-screened and qualified IT and business decision makers, channel partners and customers
• Focus Groups of qualified IT professionals and customers
• Emphatic Design and Customer Visits (exploratory ethnographic techniques of identifying customer needs)
• Secondary Market Research (compiling and synthesizing publicly available analyst research and market intelligence)

Pique Solutions helps our clients achieve their objectives by:

Providing verified market data. The market research industry is plagued by erroneous data collection processes and lack of effective sample control and validation–with many respondent panels containing a large percentage of “gamers” or obsolete data. We use our knowledge of the market research process, deploying techniques such as traps and filters, to eliminate this bogus data.

Identifying best-fit segments and partners, enabling rapid penetration into high potential markets. We develop vertical and horizontal strategies that maximize the return on investment of market development and alliance programs.

Providing both strategic and tactical solutions. The recommendations we provide to our clients leverage their core strengths, are actionable, and result in sustainable competitive advantage.

Focusing exclusively on the technology sector. The sharp focus enables us to identify opportunities and develop effective approaches embedded in industry best practices.